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As Members of IPC, Infoteam MS Ltd are creating an environment of continual improvement, enabling quantifiable and sustainable change whilst focusing on adding value and removing waste to increase customer satisfaction and profitability by…………
  • - Driving the program beyond just waste reduction into fundamentally redesigning all the key values.
  • - Creating processes to improve flow and throughput.
  • - Move performance measures from a merely results based strategy to a focus on value stream performance.
  • - Greater focus on understanding customer requirements and providing the service they value most.
  • - Better realisation of the market place and where the Company needs to place itself to be successful.
  • - Improve response time by eliminating unnecessary noise in the chain hence creating a more stable flow.


 PCB Board Manufacturers UK   PCB assembly manufacturer uk 
Infoteam MS recognise the need to be proactive in maintaining our competitive edge. Our goals are to support our clients demanding delivery requirements at the correct cost and to exceed their quality expectations. We see critical links between our customer’s drive for cost efficiencies, our business practices and the skills employed by our staff.
The management team is committed to providing a system and environment that adopts an open cross functional team approach to proactive process improvement. This focuses on exceeding the needs of our clients by ensuring constant attention to detail, cost and cycle time re-evaluation, flexibility and speed of response, all enabling process value add solutions.

Latest News - 2014

New Website Launched

We are delighted to announce the launch of our new website

New Corporate Video

Infoteam MS have recently launch new video showcasing our extensive PCB electronic manufacturing facility and services.

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