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PCB Assembly Service


PCB Assembly


We can populate PCB’s using surface mount and through hole technologies. Infoteam MS Ltd’s PCB assembly facility can cater for up to 32 Layers boards, using a variety of substrates ranging from paper phenolics FR1, FR2, composite boards CEM1, CEM3, to Insulated metal substrates (IMS).


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Our electronic manufacturing facility has the capabilities to offer component preparation, component cropping and forming, automated axial insertion, and automated radial insertion. Our four surface mount lines provide solder paste printing, selective glue dispense, component placement and reflow technologies for components from 0201 size through BGA, micro BGA and QFP (50mm sq), using laser and optical recognition and centering.


We also offer three manual assembly lines, two providing lead free and one providing leaded wave soldering facilities. Manual assembly tooling, electronic torque drivers, presses, ultrasonic welding and PCB depanelising. We have an isolated conformal coating spray booth and drying area, an ultra violet curing oven for optical assemblies and an EMC shield room.


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Latest News - 2014

New Website Launched

We are delighted to announce the launch of our new website

New Corporate Video

Infoteam MS have recently launch new video showcasing our extensive PCB electronic manufacturing facility and services.

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